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Guide to Edmonton airport code YEG Alberta

The YEG is a large establishment that houses millions of visitors every year! The airport is a part of a larger establishment called the Airport City that houses not only the airport itself but also a Costco, a major hotel, and a shopping mall, to name a few.

The YEG serves the Edmonton metropolitan region in Alberta, and it is located in Leduc County, between Leduc and Edmonton.

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The airport is made up of only one major terminal, instead of multiple smaller ones. This terminal consists of three levels:

  1. The first welcomes arriving passengers;
  2. The second houses departing passengers;
  3. The third is where the mezzanine is.

The airport is a focus city for many airlines, including Flair Airlines, Swoop, WestJet, and Morningstar Air Express, a major cargo carrier.
As you can already tell by now, the airport serves both commercial and cargo flights, and it travels to nearly 55 destinations worldwide and at home.
Swoop flies to over fifty destinations in total from the YEG, and WestJet flies to over thirty destinations in total, with a rate of more than sixty departures per day. This makes these two airlines the ones operating the majority of the flights at the airport!\

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The top destinations from the YEG include the following:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
  2.  Seattle, Washington
  3.  Phoenix-Sky Harbor, Arizona
  4.  Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Traveling to the US from the YEG

Traveling to the United States from the YEG comes with many perks and advantages! For starters, there is a special zone in the airport that is dedicated to housing flights to the US.
There is even an exclusive lounge, the Plaza Premium, that only caters to passengers on flights to the US!

There is also a ‘quick connect’ service offered to passengers on domestic flights that are connecting in Edmonton and heading to the United States. The quick connect entails that the passengers can clear US customs and border protection, it can be done quickly, there is no need to get your luggage and check them back in, and there is no need to go through security again!

This level of added convenience and quickness makes the YEG a common transit destination for travelers to the US!

Edmonton International Airport contact details
Address 1000 Airport Rd, Edmonton International Airport, AB T9E 0V3, Canada

Edmonton International-airport passenger tips

Services at the YEG Edmonton Airport for leisure include the following:

  • A playroom for children;
  • An arcade;
  • Luxury lounges Yeg airport ;
  • Cafes, restaurants, and bars;
  • An indoor observation deck;
  • A hotel;
  • Smoking areas.

As for the amenities that are built to make your trip more convenient and comfortable, they include:

  • A medical clinic;
  • Defibrillators at multiple locations;
  • Pet relief zones;
  • Device charging stations;
  • Shower facilities;
  • Baggage storage services;
  • Wheelchair renting services;
  • Luggage wrapping services;
  • Toilets;
  • Currency exchange offices;
  • Prayer rooms with interfaith chapels;
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the building;
  • ATMs.

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Lost and found

The lost and found office can be found at the arrivals level (the first level of the terminal edmonton airport). The office is situated in front of door #7, next to the baggage carousel #12.
The office remains open from 8:00 a.m. and up until midnight. However, these timings often change on weekends and public holidays.
If you need to call to inquire about operating hours or lost items, you can contact the office at +1 780 890 8382.

Information booth

The information booth is situated right next to the lost and found office. However, unlike the lost and found office, the information booth operates nonstop. This is in hopes of aiding travelers at any time of the day!

Their customer service line is 780 890 8382.

Map found here!

If you still feel unsure about all of the locations of the offices and doors that we discussed, a quick look at a thorough map will make it all make sense.

Check out this detailed terminal map here, and plan out your upcoming trip at the YEG!