Arrivals Edmonton airport

Surprisingly, and even though the YEG welcomes millions of visitors a year, it consists of only one main terminal. This terminal is quite large, and it is neatly organized in such a way that keeps it from getting overcrowded.

arrivals LEVEL Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

This terminal is divided into multiple levels, with the first level being the one dedicated to the arriving passengers and the second level being the one dedicated to the departing passengers. There is also a third level which is a mezzanine.

And so, if you or your loved ones will be arriving at the YEG anytime soon, you should expect to arrive at the first level.

some passenger tips for arrivals yeg airport

Edmonton Airport arrivals today

To check for the status of flights arriving in Edmonton today, check this page here.

The link will direct you to a tracker of the Edmonton Airport YEG arrivals status, and it will inform you of the timing a flight is expected to arrive at, whether there will be any delays, or whether there are any cancellations.

This tool is especially useful when you are planning on picking up someone from the airport!

Baggage claim

Before leaving the airport, make sure to pick up your luggage from the baggage claim area. The baggage claim carousels are located on the same floor that you will be arriving at, they are numbered which allows you to easily find the carousel you’re looking for, and they are located next to each main door.
To get a better idea of where to find the carousels, check out this terminal map here.

Arrivals Edmonton airport

Picking someone up from the airport

If you are planning to pick someone up from the airport, and you are wondering where you can park your car in the meantime, you’re in luck because you have plenty of options!
One of these options is the Value parking lot, which is quite affordable, and it offers shuttle buses between the airport and the lot. The shuttle ride should only take about five minutes. Alternatively, you can walk the distance, which should take about ten minutes.

Another one of your options is the Easy Parkade. This lot is located much closer to the terminal Yeg airport, and it is even connected to the ground transportation of the arrivals level.
For added comfort, you can opt to leave your car with the available valet parking services Edmonton airport.

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If you are arriving at the YEG, and you will not be picked up by someone, then you have plenty of options for available transportation services at the airport! From private and public buses to taxis and rental cars, you choose whichever option suits you best!

For starters, you can catch one of the many public and private buses that pick up passengers from the YEG. The location of where you pick up a bus at depends on which bus you are waiting for. For instance, the Ebus, the Leduc Transit, and the 747 all pick up passengers from different locations. However, whichever bus it may be, you should expect to wait outside one of the following doors:

Door #8
Door #10
Door #25

If you are hoping to catch a taxi, you should head over to door #9.

Do keep in mind that, even though rideshare applications such as Uber are allowed to operate on the grounds of the YEG, they do not pick up passengers from the same location as other taxi services. Instead, they pick up passengers outside of door #10.