Terminals map Edmonton Airport

edmonton airport terminal map

With the YEG expecting millions of passengers a year, it comes as a surprise to some that it only contains one main terminal and not multiple ones. However, rest assured that the terminal is quite large, and it houses everything a passenger may need!

The main building is divided based on its different levels. This distribution makes it easier for passengers to get around and catch their connecting flights as well.

Ground transportation airport map edmonton

ground transportation airport map edmonton

The distribution follows the following rule:

  1. The first level is dedicated to those arrivals at the YEG airport;
  2.  The second one is dedicated to those leaving from the YEG;
  3.  The third one is dedicated to the mezzanine (lounges included).
  4. Parking

To better understand the layout of the building, you can check out the YEG terminal map here.

The map is extremely thorough, and it portrays, in detail, the airline gates, the services provided by the airport, the cafes, restaurants, and shops one can expect to find there, and even whether a shop or restaurant is located before or after security.

If you’re going to be arriving at or leaving from the YEG anytime soon, it is recommended to take some time to study the map so you can save a ton of time at the airport. Your time at the airport is much better spent enjoying one of the many amenities provided!

edmonton airport map

Edmonton Airport services

Edmonton Airport services

Some of the services found at the YEG were mentioned above. But the reality is, there are a lot more amenities that you can find, and they include the following:

  1. A multitude of well-known cafes and restaurants Edmonton airport, which include:
  • Tim Horton’s
  • Chili’s
  • Café Sorrentino
  • Boston pizza
  • And many more!

2. A plethora of stores, which include:

  • Duty Free Stores
  • The iStore
  • And an entire outlet mall connected to the airport

YEG Airport services

3. ATMs and currency exchange kiosks;
4. Pet relief areas that accommodate for different types of pets;
5. Free Wi-Fi throughout the building;
6. Play zones for kids;
7. Luggage storage zones;
8. Luggage wrapping facilities;
9. Prayer rooms that are inclusive for many faiths and that remain open all day;
10. Smoking zones;
11. An arcade room;
12. Defibrillators available across the building;
13. A clinic with medical professionals available;
14. Charging stations for your devices.

These Edmonton Airport services and more are also detailed in the map provided above!

Edmonton Airport baggage claim

Edmonton Airport baggage claim

Baggage carousels are available throughout the arrivals’ floor, which is the first floor. The carousels can usually be found next to the main gates/doors.
If you are unsure about where to find them, either inquire at the information booth (found on the same level) or check out the map above.
Each Edmonton Airport baggage claim zone is given a number, which makes it easier to find.

YEG lost and found

  • The YEG lost and found office is located on the first floor, also termed the arrivals’ floor.
  • To be more specific about its location, it is facing the gate number seven, next to the baggage carousel number 12.
    Unfortunately, the office does not remain open all day long. The opening hours are usually from eight in the morning to midnight, although the operating hours could change on weekends, public holidays, and so on.
  • If you happen to be at the airport outside of their working hours and are unable to be at the office, or you are currently not in the airport at all, you can, instead, call them.
    You can call them during their working hours at +1 780 890 8382.

Edmonton Airport customer service

Terminals map Edmonton Airport yeg

Right by the lost and found office, you can come across the Edmonton Airport customer service office.

The office, also termed the information booth, operates on a 24/7 basis to serve passengers at any time of the day!

Instead of paying the office a visit, an alternative option would be to contact their customer service through their social media profiles, their phone number, or their email.

The main information booth is by the lost and found area, but you can also contact the airport on the establishment’s socials or via email or their phone number.

The customer service line can be reached at the following number: 780 890 8382.