Parking Edmonton international airport

parking options at Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

Edmonton International Airport Value Park
price Parking Edmonton international airport

The Edmonton International Airport value park is a fan favorite as it is not only the most affordable option but also because it is not too far from the terminal.

The affordability of this lot and its proximity to the airport make it a convenient choice for airport visitors choosing to opt for long-term parking.

Edmonton International Airport Value Park

It is important to note that the YEG consists of one main terminal and not multiple ones. To get to the terminal from this parking lot, passengers have two options to choose from.
The first option consists of boarding on a shuttle bus that will take you directly to the airport. This service is completely free of charge, and the ride takes approximately five or so minutes.

The second option consists of making the trip to the airport on foot. The short walk should take around ten minutes, and there is a dedicated pavement that allows you to safely make the journey.

Needless to say, if you have heavy luggage or you’re short on time, boarding the shuttle is your best choice!

This parking lot has accessible parking spaces, and the shuttle bus is also made accessible for passengers in wheelchairs.

This lot also has available luggage assistance services and plug-in stalls.

Easy Park Edmonton Airport

Easy Park Edmonton Airport

This parking lot is much closer to the terminal, and it makes transferring between the lot and the terminal much easier, hence the name!

It is directly facing the terminal, it is equipped with covered walkways along the way to the building, it is well-lit, constantly patrolled by security to ensure safety, and it includes plug-ins at the third and fourth levels.

As usual, accessible parking spaces are available.

Valet parking at Edmonton Airport

Valet parking at Edmonton Airport

The special features you can get at this parking lot include assistance with your luggage, help with checking in quickly, as well as a complimentary coat check service, and bottled water and newspapers available.

To get to the valet service, head to the third level of the Easy Parkade and follow the appropriate signs.

Picking up your car can be done at ground transportation at the arrivals level. To be specific, the precise location is next to door #5.

Park and pick up

Park and pick up

A more affordable alternative to valet parking is the park and pick-up option! The way it works is that you park your car yourself at the Easy Parkade before heading over to the Ground Transportation Office near door #5 at the arrivals level.

You will then be asked to show your parking lot access ticket to the office, as well as your driver’s license. You will also be required to inform the staff of the exact location of your car.
You will then leave your keys at the office and get another ticket in return.

Once you are ready to pick up your vehicle, present the ticket to the staff at the office, pay the fees, and you can wait for your car to be brought directly to you!

Your options if you’re not headed to the terminal

Even though theYEG consists of only one main terminal yeg airport, it does include many other associated buildings that serve other purposes. This is especially the case as the YEG is also an air cargo facility.

So, if you are headed anywhere other than the terminal, you do have other options for parking that are closer to your destination.

Your options include:

  1. The north parking
    This parking lot is located very close to the North and Executive Flight Centre.
  2. The north and south quick parking
    The quick park has two lots, the northern and the southern lots, and both of them are equipped with shuttle buses that transfer people to main locations around the grounds of the airport.

Help is available!

If you find yourself snowed in, needing your tires pumped, having difficulty locating your vehicle at the parking at Airport Edmonton, or in any other similar situation, you can call on 780 890 8983, and someone will come to you to lend a helping hand.

Assistance is available around the clock for your convenience!

YEG Airport map

If you want to take a quick look at a map that details where the parking lots are situated in reference to the terminal, take a look at this YEG Airport map here.