Taxi services Edmonton Airport

Taxi services Edmonton Airport

Multiple taxi companies operate on the grounds of the YEG, and there is even a dedicated zone for commercial taxis to pick up passengers.

The zone is located at the arrivals level, just outside of door #9.

There is also an airport taxi Edmonton flat rate that is meant to keep the prices controlled and reasonable. Taking a taxi from Edmonton Airport to downtown has a flat rate of $62. The duration of the trip varies based on the weather conditions and times of the day, but the average duration of such a trip is about 45 minutes.
Some of the taxi companies that you might find operating on the grounds of the YEG include the following:

Ground Transportation taxi Zone Rate Map

The Greater Edmonton Taxi Service, and you can contact the company at 780 462 3456;
The Airport Taxi Service, and you can contact the company at 780 890 7070;
The Co-op Taxi Line, and you can contact the company at 780 425 2525;
The 24-7 Taxi, and you can contact the company at 780 442 4444.

Taxi services Edmonton Airport

Accessibility concerns

Most companies provide vehicles that are accessible to passengers with mobility-related limitations and devices. However, it is best to call ahead of time to book such a vehicle to ensure that you will find one available upon your arrival.
Also, do be specific in your requirements of what the vehicle should accommodate for, and you are encouraged to contact multiple companies to inquire about which one provides the best options for your specific case.

Look out for the tags!

Every Edmonton Airport cab has a tag that signifies that the driver has undergone training that makes him/her qualified enough to give airport passengers a quality ride.
The drivers get customer service skills training and proper communication for conflict resolution training. The drivers are also trained to communicate with passengers whose first language is not English. Further, needless to say, the drivers also go through extensive training in regard to road safety measures.

There are two tags for you to look out for:

  1. The blue tag signifies that the driver is trained for YEG passenger service;
  2. The orange tag signifies that the driver is currently undergoing such a training program.

Rideshare options

Rideshare applications, such as Uber, for instance, are allowed to operate on the grounds of the YEG. This gives visitors of the YEG even more options to decide whichever one they prefer!

However, even though passengers are allowed to order rides from rideshare applications, they cannot use the taxi zone discussed earlier.

Instead, passengers are required to go to the arrivals level, just outside of door #10, and look for the sign that signifies the pick-up locations for rideshare apps.

The sign is also noticeable to the drivers who know to go there directly to pick up passengers.

Limo services

Limo services are also available for the visitors of the YEG!

Some taxi companies provide limo services in addition to taxi services, but there are also dedicated limo companies operating at the YEG.

One of such companies is the Air Limousine, and you can contact the company at 780 989 7099.

It is worth noting that there is also a flat rate for limo rides. A ride from the YEG to downtown in a limo will cost you $71.